Federation Starbase 23 - Databanks

A General History of the United Federation of Planets

by Scottish Andy

This timeline will not be an exhaustive one. That's already been done elsewhere. What I now plan to do here is give a timeline of events that are key only to the people and events that directly relate to my portion of the Star Trek universe.

That means, only what is "history" to my characters will be included, from whatever point in the timeline they stand.

2241-Jan-10, SD 2241.03
The Klingon Empire attacks the Federation colony on Archanis IV, the opening attack in what will come to be known as The Four Years War. The bombardment from within the planet's atmosphere does not stop for twelve hours, and at the end of it this modern Federation metropolis founded nearly a century ago is in ruins, with thousands dead and thousands more missing.
Source: Star Trek: Axanar

2243-Apr-20, SD 2243.3
Regarded as "sacred" planets, the Klingon Empire attacks the Federation colonies in the Inverness star system as their first objective. An ambush tactic that the Klingons call "The Devourer" is laid for Starfleet around Inverness V. By the end of this attack, Starfleet has lost eighteen (18) vessels and the colonies have been bombarded in the same manner as Archanis IV.
Source: Star Trek: Axanar