Federation Starbase 23 - Time Line

Starbase 23 Time Line

Last Updated: 29th April 2013


Welcome to the new Starbase 23 Time Line. The first difference from the previous General Timeline you should notice is that all the ancient past of the established Star Trek universe, and that of our real world universe, is no longer given.

For this all new website look, I made an executive decision (in Jaeih's continued absence) to dispense with all our previous attempts to integrate all aspects of Trek into one coherent whole. Do I hear you ask "Why?" No, I don't think so as you already know the answers:

  1. There's no way all these disparate and outright conflicting items can be coherent, and
  2. Other people with far more resources have already put their best effort into doing so.

This Time Line will of course still include the standard historical background that is, frankly, required reading for an in-depth understanding of the stories on this site.

Also referenced will be events from the Star Trek episodes and their own backstories around which our stories are based, to give the proper flavour.

This Time Line will also present an integrated picture of all the individual species-specific timelines to show what was happening in the galaxy as opposed to the more regional picture of those individual time lines.

This timeline also will be updated with each new story added, to prevent spoiler information appearing before a story is completed.

And as a final word, Starbase 23 now accepts all incarnations of Star Trek within its canon. I am now fully at peace with my concept of what 'canon' is and what will be the canon for this website. Basically, this involves tacitly and passively ignoring anything that strikes me as daft, wrong, or just plain bad from the various episodes, instead of loudly repudiating it and forbidding it from my sight.

This also includes the obviously terrible, such as 'VOY: Threshold'. ;)