Federation Starbase 23 - Essays & Rants

Essays and Rants

This section will detail my thoughts and opinions on the subject of Trek. I had originally decided to put these little "infobytes" in my 'Databanks' section, but I feel that would end up adding far too many links, and if I put them all on the one page, I might as well make a new section for them. Also, having seen this idea on Joseph Manno's Star Trek: Liberty site, I was quite taken with the idea. I hope he can forgive my nicking it.
So was born the 'Essays & Rants' section.

Anyway, this is just what passes through (what passes for :-) ) my brain while I'm playing with ideas for new stories. I love working this stuff out, and it basically explains why I tell my stories and detail my ships the way I do.
To 'christen' this new section on a good note rather than a bad (an Essay, rather than a Rant), here are two replies I originally made to a thread created by Jaeih on the Taldren Fan Fic Forum.

Currently I have only a few old Essays to put up on my new site. A guest author requested that his Rant be taken down, as the topic of it has since been overtaken by events in the Star Trek universe. I have other pieces which will be coming to this page but I still have also to update them to fit in with the universe as it stands now.

Rest assured, this will not remain empty forever. And hopefully, not even for that long.


Local Space Star Chart
This short point-by-point explains the placement of star systems in my Local Space star chart.

Founding Federation Members' Early Colonisation programs.
This essay explains how I see the exploration of what will become the Federation Core Sectors by the founding members based before the U.F.P. exists. It is based on their national foreign policy and/or the broad psychological make-up of the species, as well as available local stars, and colonies established in the Trek canon.
A more lengthy timeline is also presented, though this is currently undergoing revision.

Cruisers and Destroyers and Frigates, Oh My!
An in-depth examination of the basic types of warship from the navies of Earth's history and how the roles of these types can be transposed into the roles performed by the Federation Star Fleet to the late 23rd Century.