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From this section you can warp away to other sites on the 'net. These are links to sites I have a special affinity for, find very useful as Trek reference points, visit regularly myself, or for whatever other reason.

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Fiction Sites

Star Trek: The Interim Years Banner
Since getting into contact with Adrian Jones in 2006 with an offer to edit his stories as hosted on his own site here, our relationship has grown and deepened considerably. Now in effect sister sites – if not completely integrated with each other – we operate in parallel. Whie Adrian's main focus is the years between 'Star Trek VII: Generations' and the earliest of the TNG-era backstory, whereas I roam across the timeline at will, we nontheless have convergent goals.
He's still working on getting his stories out, but he has lots of great in-universe articles. Go have a look, and tell him I sent you.

The Adventures of Argus Banner
Another member of the now-defunct 'Tetra-Luminaire Group', Alex Thompson writes some pretty good stories. Go here to read his TNG-Era series of stories featuring the Sovereign-class U.S.S. Argus under Trill Captain Jonozia Lex.

Star Trek Fan Fiction Banner
A large site hosting masses of fan fiction of highly variable quality on every series. I read only a few stories a long time ago, but I liked what I saw then.

Reference Sites

Memory Alpha Banner
Quite simply, the place to go to on the web for any information on Star Trek.
Dealing in only canon (that is, explicitly or implicitly related) information, but also including production, behind the scenes, and apocryphal data to supplement it, this site should be your first web stop for everything in-universe Trek.

Ex Asteris Scientia Banner
A great site by Bernd Schneider in both looks and content, with tons of organised Star Trek data, as well as investigations into various issues of Trek – such as the ships of Wolf 359 (my personal favourite), time travel inconsistencies, etc.
Hours of reading, and loads of fascinating reference material, a jewel in the constellation of Trek sites second only to Memory Alpha. A must visit, really.

Memory Beta Banner
A similar resource to Memory Alpha but one that includes all the non-canon but still licensed information the fans can put into it. This includes canon information enhanced and expanded upon by episode and movie novelisations, the novels themselves, computer & console games, table-top and role-playing games, and even some of the fanon work such as technical manuals.
While impossible to fit everything into a coherent whole – as this site once tried to do – it is an excellent reference point for determining if your fiction will conflict with something else from the myriad other publications out there. Since I am still using certain – if perhaps not all – of the novels as background or added flavour for my own fiction, this is a very, very useful site. One which I have contributed to!

Starship Schematic Database Banner
A large site hosting masses of ship schematics from four different Sci-Fi series: Star Trek, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, and Space Battleship Yamato. This site contains a wealth of official, semi-official, and un-official (fan-designed) ships, including (in the Star Trek section) canon, Ships of the Starfleet, Jackill's Reference, Starfleet Battles, and (unfortunately) FASA Trek designs. I have used images from this site in several articles (published and planned). Be warned though: there are a lot of (to my eye) very, um… badly-designed vessels there, but Jim Steven's complete and exhaustive online resource is greatly appreciated by this ship fanatic.

Daystrom Institute Technical Library Banner
Graham Kennedy's large site hosting masses of detail on all aspects of canon Star Trek, from starships and personnel to species and politics. Most data is taken from on-screen evidence, but he also includes backstage and non-canon sources to indulge in his own speculation to the purposes behind the people and technology.
A good Star Trek reference site.

Star Trek.com Banner
A good "official" online resource. All Star Trek series are covered in this extensive database, dealing in only 'canon' information.

Model Building & Hobbyist Sites

In Payne's Kitbashed Starships Banner
A great site about actual model construction. Not limited to Star Trek (of all series), there are plenty of other models from all walks of life, including aircraft and figurines. John E. Payne builds some really beautiful Star Trek ships of quite interesting design. As you can probably tell by this site's appearance in my Links section, some of his ships may appear in my stories.
After I email him and ask his permission, of course.

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