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This ship was originally Jaeih's idea, from an alternate-timeline storyline in which Andrea Yushikara's Renown is pushed forward into the Dominion War and has a veteran of the 23rd Century's conflicts "straighten out the idiot Starfleet of the 24th Century" - Jaeih t`Radaik.

Anyway, one of her storylines has her squadron rescue an Ambassador-class USS Nelson. She said it was dumb of TNG to have an Ambassador-class called Horatio—instead of, say, one called the Horatio Nelson, or the Horatio Hornblower—so, she created her own USS Nelson. So, in playing around with these dedication plaques, trying to get them in the correct format and testing out stardates, registry numbers and construction yards, I put together her Nelson. In doing that, I researched the other Nelsons I remembered.

The commissioning dedication plaque of the Saladin-class destroyer USS Nelson NCC-546

This is the first Starship Nelson, the Saladin-class destroyer from the 'Star Fleet Technical Manual' by Franz Joseph. With the introduction of the Constitution Batch 2 in 2253—including the USS Endeavour—the individual classes one again resume their place on the dedication plaques. As such, the Saladin class (introduced in 2255 in my STU) follows this pattern.

The re-commissioning dedication plaque of the renamed Coventry-class light cruiser USS Nelson NCC-1843

Now, that would have been fine all the way to the 24th century, but this Star Trek site makes the (no doubt foolish) attempt to integrate the events of most of the Star Trek novels into its history. Thus, in 2269, we come across the USS Nelson NCC-1843, a "close cordon patrol cruiser", in Diane Duane's book 'The Romulan Way'. Now, since this is Jaeih's "Rihannsu Bible"—and not to mention the fact that it is a very good read—I feel I must honour Ms. Duane's vessels. She does tend to get her chronology confused, but apart from that really annoying caveat, I love her books too.

Thus, the Coventry-class ship NCC-1843 (yes, I know the 'Ships of the Star Fleet' has 1843 as a Levant/Enterprise-II class, but I'm ignoring the 1800-series Constitution sub-classes. And yes, that includes the Tikopais! I also have the USS Coventry as NCC-1830, and not NCC-1230) is renamed Nelson after the presumed loss of the Saladin class ship (probably during my 'Two Day War' of 2267), to continue the legacy of the name.

So, below we have that Conventry-class Nelson being refitted to Miranda-class specifications in the early 2270s. Being the same ship as above, she is still "The second starship to bear the name". Rather than wreck countless Starfleet ships for no good reason than to get them into a different class, I thought this stalwart would survive right up until Jaeih's own Ambassador-class is ready to set sail.

The re-commissioning dedication plaque of the Miranda-class light cruiser USS Nelson NCC-1843

And here we have the star attraction. Originally, Jaeih had this ship with a NCC-105xx number (all her ships are really old ones), but with my new take on the development of the Ambassador class, I've changed the registry number to suit. If the suddenly-absent Jaeih wants it changed back, I'll do so once she lets me know. But only because it's her!

The commissioning dedication plaque of the Ambassador-class explorer USS Nelson NCC-26254