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Federation Shiplist – U.S.S. Aeolus

Vessel Statistics as of 1st July 2276; Stardate [19] 7579.8

The Hermes (refit)-class scout USS Aeolus NCC-588



Classification:  Class I-B Starship
Name:  U.S.S. Aeolus
Registry Number:  NCC-588
Class:  Hermes
Type:  Fleet Scout
(as Class I Starship):
 25th July 2257; Stardate [17] 4500.0
Builders:  Sys Ris Abagon
  New Aberdeen Naval Yards
(to Class I-B):
 21st June 2276; Stardate [19] 7573.84
Refitters:  Temerand Duplicat
  Temerand Duplicat Orbital Yards

General Specifications

Length:  240.0 metres
Height:  47.0 metres
Width:  141.7 metres
Mass:  101,000 metric tons
Decks:  15
Crew Capacity:  230
Max. Evacuation 

Crew Complement

Officers:  34
Enlisted Personnel:  196
Marine Detachment 
(during war-time):

Support Craft

Class-C Orbital
Type S-10 Travel Pod:  One
Type S-2 Workbee:  Two

Class-F Standard Interstellar
Type S-19 Shuttlecraft 

Power Systems

Main Power:  One Type KR13-L Matter/Antimatter Reactor rated to 860 Cochranes coupled with Main Energiser.
Mounted at trailing edge of connecting neck
Auxiliary Power:  Four Deuterium/Tritium Fusion Reactors coupled with Secondary Energiser
Four auxiliary Deuterium/Tritium Fusion Reactors
Batteries:  Two Cold Fusion storage cell arrays


Warp Drive: One Centauran Cochrane Warp Dynamics model LN-68 Mod 2 dilithium-energized linear nacelle
  ⦿   Max. Cruising Velocity: Warp 8.0 (Unlimited)
  ⦿   Flank Velocity: Warp 9.1 (6 days)
  ⦿   Emergency Velocity: Warp 9.51 (2 days)
Impulse Drive: Two Terran Scarback Propulsion Systems model RST subatomic unified energy units
  ⦿   Cruising Speed: 0.25c
  ⦿   Emergency Speed: 0.31c

Scientific Systems

Sensors: OC5889S very long range sensor array mounted on the upper saucer surface, surrounding the bridge.
Capable of utilising eight independently-operated high-frequency sensor channels simultaneously.

Offensive/Defensive Systems

Beam Weapons: Four Venusian Agusta Ansadado, Inc. model RIM-12C Type VII phaser units mounted in two banks of two (top/bottom of saucer).
Four Terran Asakaze Ordnance Systems Ltd. Model RIM-3F Type V defensive phaser units mounted in four banks of one each (top/bottom of saucer).
  ⦿   Firing Arc: Bearing 270° to 090°xy, 270° to 090°z (Forward Arc)
Transporters : 2 Personnel (6-person), 3 Evacuation (22-person), 2 Cargo (non-sentient traffic only)
Tractor Beam: 2 Emitters mounted on underside of Saucer
360° arc

Computer Systems

Main Computer Core: Duotronic DIII unit mounted on Decks 2-11 under the Bridge
Interface System
Library Banks Information Retrieval System (LBIRS) v4.6
Interface System
Dynamic Access Memory Interface Technique (DAMIT) v8.2
Data Transfer Rate: Data Transfer Rate: 150 kiloquads/second

Long Range Sensor Effective Ranges

High Resolution: 0.5 light-years
Medium to Low Resolution: 7.0 light-years

Dedication Plaques

The original commissioning plaque in 2257 for U.S.S. Aeolus as a Class I Scout Starship.
The commissioning dedication plaque of the Hermes-class scout USS Aeolus NCC-588

The re-commissioning plaque in 2276 for U.S.S. Aeolus after her refitting to Class I-B "New Technology" standards.
The re-commissioning dedication plaque of the Hermes (refit)-class scout USS Aeolus NCC-588

Vessel History

Vessel newly recommissioned after extensive refit to "New Technology" standards in Cygnet-XIV orbital shipyards.
First command of Commander Andrew Brown.

Previous Captains: Years in Command:
Commander Takahashi Mirimoto of Terra 2257-2260
Commander Soltar of Vulcan 2261-2263
Lieutenant Commander Atif Rehman of Terra 2264-2267
Captain Talnar Zomar of Betelguese-I 2268-2274

This vessel is assigned to the 271st Scout Group, home-ported at Starbase 27 in the Mira Sector. She is currently on detached duty outside of Federation territory on a a two-year mission to map and undertake preliminary studies of uncharted territory outside of the local area space, also near Mirak and Lyran space.
271st Scout Group consists of:

Name: Registry: Class & Type: Captain:
USS Savannah NCC-1578
Baton Rouge-class survey cruiser
Captain Thanshar of Andor.
USS Tireless NCC-1209
Declaration-class survey cruiser
Commander Zafra of Izar.
USS Columbia NCC-621 Hermes-class scout Lt. Cdr. Phillip Mordechai of Terra.