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Federation Shiplist – U.S.S. Jugurtha

Vessel Statistics as of 1st July, 2264, Stardate [18] 7165.0

The Saladin-class destroyer U.S.S. Jugurtha NCC-527



Classification: Class I Starship
Name: U.S.S. Jugurtha
Registry Number: NCC-527
Class: Saladin
Type: Destroyer
Commissioned: 15th April 2256, Stardate [17] 2170.0
Builders: Seskon Trella, (Starcraft Design Section), Chagala, Tellar

General Specifications

Length: 242.0 Meters
Height: 60.0 Meters
Width: 127.1 Meters
Mass: 95,000 Metric Tons
Decks: 14
Crew Capacity: 200
Max. Evacuation


Officers: 20
Enlisted Personnel: 180
(During war-time):

Support Craft

Mark 12B Shuttlecraft: Two
Mark 7 Travel Pod: One
Mark 1 Workbee: Four

Power Systems

Main Power: One type SW40/5-3KT Matter/Antimatter Reactor rated to 512 Cochranes.
Mounted at the front of the warp drive nacelle
Auxiliary Power: Four Deuterium/Tritium Fusion Reactors
Batteries: Two Cold Fusion storage cells


Warp Drive: One Centauran Cochrane Warp Dynamics model PB-50 Mod 2 dilithium-energized circumferential nacelle
  ⦿   Max. Cruising Velocity: Warp 6.0
  ⦿   Flank Velocity: Warp 7.0
  ⦿   Emergency Velocity: Warp 8.0
Impulse Drive: Two Terran Scarback Propulsion Systems model SBE subatomic unified energy units
  ⦿   Cruising Speed: 0.25c
  ⦿   Emergency Speed: 0.31c

Offensive/Defensive Systems

Beam Weapons: Six Venusian Agusta Ansadado, Inc. model RIN-6 Type VI phaser units mounted in three banks of two each.
  ⦿   Firing Arc: 720°
Photon Torpedoes: Two Ardanian Racal Werft F.M.C. model Awalt torpedo tubes mounted on Deck 2, Forward
  ⦿   Firing Arc: Bearing 315° to 045°xy, Mark 045° to 350°z (Forward Arc)
Maximum Spread: Four
Transporters : 2 Personnel (6-person), 3 Evacuation (22-person), 2 Cargo (non-sentient traffic only)
Tractor Beam: 2 Emitters mounted on underside of Saucer
360° arc

Computer Systems

Main Computer Core: Duotronic DII unit mounted on Decks 7-8, Central
Interface System (Standard): Library Banks Information Retrieval System (LBIRS) v3.4
Interface System (Technical): Dynamic Access Memory Interface Technique (DAMIT) v7.0
Data Transfer Rate: 75 kiloquads/second

Long Range Active Sensor Effective Ranges

High Resolution: 0.25 light years (15,768 A.U.s; 2.4 trillion km)
Medium to Low Resolution: 3 light years (189,214 A.U.s; 28.5 trillion km)

Dedication Plaques

The original commissioning plaque in 2256 for U.S.S. Jugurtha as a Class I Destroyer Starship.
The commissioning dedication plaque of the Saladin-class destroyer U.S.S. Jugurtha NCC-527

Vessel History

Vessel first commissioned from the Seskon Trella shipyards, Tellar in 2256.
Second command of Captain Mark Daniels of Terra.

Previous Captains: Years in Command:
Captain Grakan of Tellar 2256-2259
Commander Miguel Santos of Benecia 2260-2263

Vessel assigned to the 234th Destroyer Squadron, home-ported at Starbase 23 in the Onias Sector. Current mission is anti-piracy patrol in the adjacent Hyralan Sector. 234th Destroyer Squadron consists of:

Name: Registry: Class & Type: Captain:
U.S.S. Drake NCC-541
Saladin-class destroyer
Commander Shontar of Andor.
U.S.S. Achillies NCC-551
Saladin-class destroyer
Commander Natalia Dubanova of Aldebaran.