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Federation Shiplist – U.S.S. Kingfisher

Vessel Statistics as of 7th March 2288; Stardate [19] 8647.5

The Darter-class new escort cruiser U.S.S. Kingfisher NCC-3235



Classification: Class I-B Starship
Name: U.S.S. Kingfisher
Registry Number: NCC-3235
Class: Darter
Type: New Escort Cruiser
Commissioned: 2nd February 2283; Stardate [19] 7815.4
Builders: Rapier Dynamics Group, New Aberdeen Naval Yards, Aldebaran-III

General Specifications

Length: 236.0 Meters
Height: 48.0 Meters
Width: 141.7 Meters
Mass: 140,700 Metric Tons
Decks: 11
Crew Capacity: 300
Max. Evacuation


Officers: 43
Enlisted Personnel: 257
(During war-time):

Support Craft

Type S-19 Shuttlecraft:
Type S-10 Travel Pod: Two
Type S-2 Workbee: Four

Power Systems

Main Power: One Type KR13-M Matter/Antimatter Reactor rated to 970 Cochranes coupled with Main Energiser.
Mounted on Decks 6 & 7 at rear of extended hull between hanger bays
Auxiliary Power: Four Deuterium/Tritium Fusion Reactors coupled with Secondary Energiser
Batteries: Two Cold Fusion storage cells


Warp Drive: Two Centauran Cochrane Warp Dynamics model LN-64 Mod 3 dilithium-energized linear nacelles
  ⦿   Max. Cruising Velocity: Warp 6.0
  ⦿   Flank Velocity: Warp 9.0
  ⦿   Emergency Velocity: Warp 9.9
Impulse Drive: Two Terran Scarback Propulsion Systems model RST subatomic unified energy units
  ⦿   Cruising Speed: 0.25c
  ⦿   Emergency Speed: 0.31c

Offensive/Defensive Systems

Beam Weapons: Four Venusian Agusta Ansadado, Inc. model RIM-12C Type VII phaser units mounted in one bank of four.
  ⦿   Firing Arc: Bearing 270° to 090°xy, Mark 090° to 270°z (Forward Hemisphere)
Defensive Phasers: Four Hydran Type-G phaser units mounted in two banks of two each, mounted on a pylon above the rear of the saucer.
  ⦿   Firing Arc: 720°
Missiles: Three Andorian Skat-Rar Weapons Systems Type-G drone racks mounted on Deck 2, Portside-Aft.
Magazine holds 48 Type-IF drones
Transporters : 2 Personnel (6-person), 3 Evacuation (22-person), 2 Cargo (non-sentient traffic only)
Tractor Beam: 2 Emitters mounted on underside of Saucer
360° arc

Computer Systems

Main Computer Core: Duotronic DIII unit mounted on Decks 2-11 under the Bridge
Interface System (Standard): Library Banks Information Retrieval System (LBIRS) v5.8
Interface System (Technical): Dynamic Access Memory Interface Technique (DAMIT) v9.4
Data Transfer Rate: Data Transfer Rate: 150 kiloquads/second

Long Range Active Sensor Effective Ranges

High Resolution: 0.25 light years (15,768 A.U.s; 2.4 trillion km)
Medium to Low Resolution: 5 light years (315,358 A.U.s; 47.3 trillion km)

Dedication Plaques

The original commissioning plaque in 2283 for U.S.S. Kingfisher as a Class I-B Light Cruiser Starship.
The commissioning dedication plaque of the Darter-class new escort cruiser U.S.S. Kingfisher NCC-3235

Vessel History

Vessel commissioned in 2283 as a new escort cruiser by the Rapier Dynamics Group from their dockspace at the New Aberdeen Naval Yards, Aldebaran-III. This vessel has distinguished herself many times in escort missions along the Klingon border, earning several unit commendations for their protection of Federation shipping from Klingon raids during the tumultuous mid-2280s.
Vessel refitted to new escort cruiser (Aegis) specifications with full Aegis fire-control in 2286.
Vessel newly refitted to new escort cruiser (Aegis, Romulan Border) specifications in 2288 for Romulan border duty at Starbase 23.
Third command of Captain Andrew Brown.

Previous Captains: Years in Command:
Captain Karen McCafferty of Terra 2283-2287

Vessel assigned to the 233rd Escort Squaron, home-ported at Starbase 23 in the Onias Sector.
233rd Escort Squaron consists of:

Name: Registry: Class & Type: Captain:
U.S.S. Ajax NCC-547 Saladin-class destroyer escort Captain Shawn Lyons of Terra.
U.S.S. Ares NCC-524 Saladin-class plasma destroyer Commander Shantar of Andor.