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Federation Shiplist - U.S.S. Kusanagi

The Mikasa-class frigate USS Kusanagi NCC-1481

Vessel Statistics as of 5th December 2267; Stardate [19] 3425.0


  Classification:   Class 1-A Starship
  Name:   U.S.S. Kusanagi
  Registry Number:   NCC-1481
  Class:   Mikasa
  Type:   Frigate
  Commissioned:   27th August 2228; Stardate [12] 1668.1
  Builders:   Temerand Duplicat Orbital Yards, Cygnet-XIV

General Specifications:

  Length:   129.7 Metres
  Height:   36.0 Metres
  Width:   89.0 Metres
  Mass:   62,700 Metric Tons
  Decks:   7
  Crew Capacity:   160
  Max. Evacuation


  Officers:   24
  Enlisted Personnel:   136
 (During war-time):

Support Craft:

Class-C Orbital
  Mark 7 Travel Pod:   One
  Mark 1 Workbee:   Two
Class-F Standard Interstellar
  Mark 12B Shuttlecraft:   Two

Power Systems:

  Main Power:   Two type SW40/5-3KT Matter/Antimatter Reactors rated to 205 Cochranes.
Mounted at the front of the warp drive nacelles
  Auxiliary Power:   Three Deuterium/Tritium Fusion Reactors
  Batteries:   Two Cold Fusion storage cells


  Warp Drive:   Two Centauran Cochrane Warp Dynamics model PB-42 Mod 2 dilithium-energized circumferential nacelles
   Cruising Velocity:   Warp 5.0
   Flank Velocity:   Warp 5.6
   Emergency Velocity:   Warp 5.9
  Impulse Drive:   Two Terran Scarback Propulsion Systems model SBD subatomic unified energy units
   Cruising Speed:   0.25c
   Emergency Speed:   0.31c

Offensive/Defensive Systems:

Beam Weapons
  Three Venusian Agusta Ansadado, Inc. model RIN-6 Type VI phaser units mounted in three banks of one each.
  Two Terran Asakaze Ordnance Systems Ltd. Model RIM-1C Type IV defensive phaser units mounted in two banks of one each.

Photon Torpedo Systems
  Two Ardanian Racal Werft F.M.C. model Ashar torpedo tubes giving a maximum spread of two per salvo.
They are mounted on Deck 2, Forward giving a firing arc bearing 315° to 045°xy, Mark 045° to 350°z (Forward Arc)

Support Systems:

Transporter Systems
  2 Personnel (6-person), 2 Evacuation (22-person), 1 Cargo (non-sentient traffic only)
Tractor Beam: 2 Emitters mounted on front of Saucer
360° z-axis arc

The deck layout of the Mikasa-class frigate USS Kusanagi NCC-1481

Computer Systems:

Main Computer Core: Duotronic DI unit mounted on Deck 4, Central
Interface System (Standard): Library Banks Information Retrieval System (LBIRS) v3.7
Interface System (Technical): Dynamic Access Memory Interface Technique (DAMIT) v7.3
Data Transfer Rate: 75 kiloquads/second

Long Range Sensor Effective Ranges:

High Resolution: 0.1 light years (6,307 A.U.s; 0.95 trillion km)
Medium to Low Resolution: 2.0 light years (126,143 A.U.s; 19 trillion km)

Vessel History

The commissioning dedication plaque of the Mikasa-class frigate U.S.S. Kusanagi NCC-1481

Vessel originally commissioned in 2228 by the Temerand Duplicat Group from their orbital dock space in the Cygnet-XIV Fleet Yards.
First command of Lieutenant Commander Karen McCafferty. Previous command crew killed in action in a multi-ship battle against Klingon forces in a border skirmish two weeks prior to the Federation-Klingon War of 2267.

Previous Captains: Years in Command:
Lieutenant Commander Silvia Nordstrom of Neo Caledonia 2228-2231
Lieutenant Commander Cassie Davidson of Terra 2232-2235
Lieutenant Commander Ronkar of Tellar 2236-2240
Commander T'Mar of Vulcan 2241-2249
Lieutenant Commander Audrey Latreck of Terra 2250-2253
Commander Coro'nan Trey'mar of Centaurus 2254-2257
Lieutenant Commander Tal'dok Coa'krane of Centaurus 2258-2261
Lieutenant Commander Soltav of Vulcan 2262-2265
Commander Theodore Copperfield of Terra 2266-2267

Home-ported at Starbase 22 in the Davlos Sector, this vessel has been involved in many border skirmishs with Klingon attack groups in the lead up to and as part of the Second Klingon-Federation war in 2267, also known as the "Organian Conflict".
As part of the 227th Patrol Group, the Kusanagi, along with the Baton Rouge-class cruiser U.S.S. Tamarr NCC-1571 and the Saladin-class destroyer U.S.S. Ares NCC-524, were forced to engage a D6 cruiser and two F5 frigates as they violated the border. The Federation vessels succeded in heavily damaging the D6, but during the engagement the frigate Kusanagi was knocked out of the fight with a hit to the bridge, and the Tamarr was also badly damaged.
Subsequent to this battle, the ship was repaired and Lt. Cdr. Karen McCafferty, formerly of the Saladin-class destroyer U.S.S. Jugurtha NCC-527, was given command. The 227th Patrol Group was disbanded and reformed as the 227th Frigate Squadron, to which the Kusanagi assigned. In one of the opening battles of the Organian Conflict this squadron was routed and the Kusanagi was the sole survivor. Reassigned again to the hurriedly-formed Task Group 22.34, the frigate also participated in the defeat of that group, as they encountered two squadrons of Klingon E4-class escorts. These Klingons destroyed the Constitution-class heavy cruiser USS Androcus and, taking the loss of two of their number in their stride, looked to destroy the other vessels as well before the Organian Intervention.

This ship has been marked as a jinx because of these events, and it became subsequently apparent that the command structure aboard was shaky at best. However, after interviews with the senior officers and crew, Starfleet Sector Command has confirmed their readiness for duty. As a result of this—and the need for more ships to combat the Penzance Cartel's increased opertions in Sector 19-L—Kusanagi has been removed from front-line Klingon border defense duty and been reassigned to the 233rd Frigate Squadron on anti-piracy patrol several parsecs behind the Federation's border with the Romulan Star Empire.

Vessel assigned to the 233rd Frigate Squadron, home-ported at Starbase Twenty-three. Current mission is anti-piracy patrol.
233rd Frigate Squadron consists of:

Name: Registry: Class & Type: Captain:
U.S.S. Nymph NCC-1461
Mikasa-class frigate
Commander Anais Dubios of Rigel IV.
U.S.S. Sprite NCC-1476
Mikasa-class frigate
Lieutenant Commander Marco Salvador of Arcturus.