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Federation Shiplist – U.S.S. Lor'tana

Vessel Statistics as of 28th May 2274, Stardate [19] 7492.1

The Oberth-class science vessel USS Lor'tana NCC-632

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Classification:   Class 2-B Spacecraft
Name:   U.S.S. Lor'tana
Registry Number:   NCC-632
Class:   Oberth
Type:   Surveyor/Science Vessel
Commissioned:   28th March 2269, Stardate [19] 5977.5
Builders:   Star Fleet Division
 Copernicus Orbital Fleet Yards

General Specifications

Length:   148.0 metres
Height:   59.0 metres
Width:   103.0 metres
Mass:   41,000 metric tons
Decks:   4 (saucer section)
1 (underslung sensor pallet,
  accessible by transporter only)
Crew Capacity:   78
Max. Evacuation 

Crew Complement

Officers:   16
Enlisted Personnel:   62
Marine Detachment 
(during war-time):

Support Craft

      Type   Quantity Class
Class-C Orbital
  ⦿   Travel Pod:   One (1) Type S-10 Cyclops
  ⦿   Workbee:   Two (2) Type S-2 Bumble
Class-F Standard Interstellar
  ⦿   Shuttlecraft:   One (1) Type 4 Galileo

Power Systems

Main Power:   Type KR05-P Matter/Antimatter Reactor rated to 512 Cochranes coupled with Main Energiser.
⦿   Mounted amidships on Deck 4 (Engineering), behind the saucer section.
Auxiliary Power:   Two Deuterium/Tritium Fusion Reactors coupled with Secondary Energiser
Batteries:   Two Cold Fusion storage cells


Faster-Than-Light:   Warp Drive
Engines:   Two Terran Leeds/Westinghouse model FWB-2 Mod 1 dilithium-energized linear nacelles.
Max Velocities:  
⦿   Cruising:   Warp 5.0
⦿   Flank:   Warp 7.0
⦿   Emergency:   Warp 8.0
Sub-Light:   Impulse Drive
Engines:   One Terran Scarback Propulsion Systems model SBL subatomic unified energy unit.
Max Velocities:  
⦿   Cruising:   0.25c
⦿   Emergency:   0.31c

Scientific Systems

Sensors:   OC3122W short range, very high resolution sensor suite mounted in underslung sensor pallet.

OC7291K very long range, medium resolution sensor suite mounted in underslung sensor pallet.

Capable of utilising eight independently-operated high-frequency sensor channels simultaneously.

Offensive/Defensive Systems

Direct Weapons:   Phaser Banks.
Emplacements:   Two Venusian Agusta Ansadado, Inc. model RIN-6 Type VI phaser units.
⦿   Mounted in one bank of two on forward ventral surface of saucer.
Firing Arc:   Bearing 315 to 045xy, Mark 000 to 315z with cutout area around sensor pallet nose. (Forward Arc)
Indirect Weapons:   Photon Torpedoes.
Emplacements:   One Terran Hyde-York Mk 1 slow-loading torpedo/probe launcher.
⦿   Mounted in nose of underslung sensor pallet.
⦿   Magazine holds 20 Mark V Photon Torpedoes and 150 probes of various classes
Firing Arc:   Bearing 315 to 045xy, Mark 045 to 315z (Forward Arc)
⦿   Maximum Spread: One

Auxillary Systems

Transporters :   ⦿  Two (2) Personnel (6-person)
⦿  One (1) Evacuation (22-person)
⦿  One (1) Cargo (non-sentient traffic only)
Tractor Beam:   One (1) emitter mounted on underside of Engineering Deck
⦿  Bearing 315 to 045xy, Mark 000 to 315z (Forward Arc)
⦿  Bearing 135 to 225xy, Mark 000 to 315z (Rear Arc)

Computer Systems

Main Computer Core:   Duotronic DII unit mounted on Deck 2 under the Bridge
Backup Computer Core:   Duotronic DII unit mounted in sensor pallet
Interface System (Standard):   Library Banks Information Retrieval System (LBIRS) v4.4
Interface System (Technical):   Dynamic Access Memory Interface Technique (DAMIT) v8.0
Data Transfer Rate:   100 kiloquads/second

Long Range Sensor Effective Ranges

High Resolution:   0.5 light years
Medium-to-Low Resolution:   7.0 light years

Vessel History

The commissioning dedication plaque of the Oberth-class surveyor/science vessel USS Lor'tana NCC-632

Vessel first commissioned from Starfleet Division, Copernicus Orbital Fleet Yards, Luna in 2269.
First command of Commander Katrin Schulte of Amber (Tau Ceti IV), who previously served as the vessel's chief science officer under Commander Neil Davies.

Previous Captains   Years in Command
Commander Neil Davies of Terra   2269-2273

Vessel assigned to the 158th Research Group, home-ported at Starbase 15. Current mission is a six-month oceanographic/volcanic survey mission at Tamnar IV.
158th Research Group consists of:

Name Registry Class & Type Captain
U.S.S. Copernicus NCC-623
Oberth-class science vessel
Commander Somak of Vulcan.
U.S.S. Hawking NCC-617
Oberth-class science vessel
Captain Thomas Campbell of Terra.
U.S.S. Siltek NCC-645 Oberth-class science vessel Commander Dsnaei of Deneb V.