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Klingon Stories

Hail! Kahless welcomes you to the Gates of Sto-Vo-Kor! Read on if you are a proud Klingon warrior, be it in commerce, agriculture – or battle! – and wish to see the might of the Empire's warships challenge and defeat those who would oppose us! Learn of the spiritual ways of our people and be the stronger for it! Qa'pla!

B'rel-class Klingon scout

Here in this section you will read of Klingon warriors furthering the glory of the Empire by defeating the cowardly Federation Starfleet as they 'defend' the weak from their rightful place – under our rule! – and treacherous Romulans (amongst others) as they sneak across our borders to enrich their coffers out of their greed and lust for power; See mighty warriors overcome trials of honour and duty.

The Lost Series Era


      Republished to v2.08 standard
    10th September 2023
A Klingon warrior comes to the end of a long and full life.