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Those who’ve read my stuff before probably know me as Governor Ronjar. My name is Roger Gwinn, and I’ve written Trek in some for or another since my good friend La’ra got me into it in ’89. My tales generally revolve around the Excelsior-Class USS Endeavour in the early 2290’s, right after the happenings of Star Trek 6. I’ve dabbled in some Klingon tales, TOS and TNG era.

The Endeavour Series is my most involved and longest running work. The first were hand-written and horribly amateur. I think I penned 12-17 of them between 1989 and 1993. My current, Word driven collection is based on the same crew and ship, with many changes. Some readers say my stories are a bit dark, everyone says they’re quite violent and militarial. I try to throw in some comedy and entertainment as well. You won’t find run of the mill Trek in my tales, however. My friends have labeled it ‘RogTrek’.

The Endeavour crew is pretty rowdy and are not shaped in the same mold as any canon Trek crew. In fact, if they had ever appeared in an episode of Star Trek, they would likely have been that episode’s ‘badguys’ and dealt with to suit the justice and sensibilities of the writers. They go through some serious ordeals, as you will see.

My Klingon crew is a much less used bunch of Imperial soldiers. Originally I came up with the concept of their CO as ‘the traditional Klingon badguy’, who’s plans actually work and have a purpose other than showing how good the heroes are. Alas, a hard drive crash assured me that the electronic copy of my first Klingon tales died, leaving me with hard copies only. The renewed tales of my Klingon captain show an older, more reserved skipper. He’ll never be mistaken for a do-gooder, however.

Unlike the more renown authors showcased on this site, my tales are not based in the SFB/C universe, though I do use ship designs and some references SFB fans will find familiar. My tales also at times step away from the Trek canon. I steal blatantly from stuff I like and work it in.

If you give these a read, you have my condolences…I mean…heart felt thanks and appreciation. And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Andy for hosting them here and all his hard and unrequested work on cleaning them up. And I must also thank La’ra for getting me into writing to begin with.

Excelsior-class starship USS Endeavour

Andy's Note: The Guv (as we like to call him) has his stories take elements from all areas of Trek, like SFB/C, FASA, canon, and his own RPG experiences. As such they are not included in the universe that the TeraQuad (my new term for Larry, Jaeih, Ady, and I) write in. Similar to zimzum's stories, they are also a lot darker than is the norm for my pals and heavy duty language is used in his stories, so don't say you weren't warned! *grin*

Also, much of the "unrequested" cleaning-up work sorely tried the Guv's patience, but he bore my nit-pickiness and (as Larry once put it) my "Orwellian need for proper grammar" in good part. Mostly. :)

The Lost Era

   —    Final Chapters posted 25th April 2011
Three months after the explosion of Praxis and a month after the Khitomer negotiations, the crew of one of the Federation's few great Excelsior-class starships find themselves faced with a whole new reality as they are ordered on a "humanitarian" mission for their greatest foes.
Captain Dath'mar reflects on his last mission, and the part played in it by the Federation starship Endeavour.
   —    Full Story posted 11th May 2011
On encountering a disabled alien vessel in a dangerous region of space, the crew of the Endeavour investigate – and become the latest proof of that ancient proverb.
   —    Epilogue posted 16th June 2012
Reeling from the physical and psychological aftermath of the events in 'No Good Deed', the crew of the Endeavour are left to their own devices to find a safe way out of a dangerous region of space.
   —    Chapter Four posted 11th October 2013
The trials continue for the crew of the Endeavour, as previously unknown but opportunistic raiders encounter their crippled ship.