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Hi! I'm Kadh. Well, my SFB/SFC alter-ego is Kadh anyway. In real life I was born on at an air force base in Langley, Virginia. I now live in Windber, Pennsylvania. I work as a computer network administrator. I'm a published author since 1975. I've haven't written anything that's been published since 1985. "The Men of Balan-gal" is a short story in an anthology somewhere. There's a book of poetry called "Set One". It's no longer in print. I can't even find a copy. There's also a children's book called "The NO Book". That's probably easier to find.

I have a wife (since 1987), a cat (since 1989), and a daughter (since 1995). As a corollary I have a mother-in-law, fur balls to cleanup, and a fear of the daughter's future boyfriends. I have been interested in Star Trek as long as I can remember. In college I discovered Starfleet Battles and was instantly hooked. Somehow I always ended up playing the Klingons. I guess I've always had this thing for villains: Darth Vader is my favorite Star Wars character. I continued to play mostly Klingons throughout my college years. When I graduated, there wasn't time for board games. Even worse, there wasn't anyone to play them with.

Fast forward many years and SFC appeared. I had by then settled into mundane life. I had a D&D group and was content. SFC led to the Interplay boards and then the Taldren boards. I don't remember who it was that talked me into writing my first fanfic there. I think it was Blyre. It was obvious that I should fall back on my Klingon interest and create a character of that race. Kadh was born. His name came from my own. In a junior high school code, my last name translated to Kadhdh. I dropped the redundant letters and there was my captain.

Do Not Feed the Kadh sign

Most of my stories were written with Kadh as a captain in the Klingon Deep Space Fleet. I certainly imagined Klingons like I saw them in TOS, and not as they appeared in the newer movies and television shows. Kadh's world is that of SFB. The events that occur in it come from the history of that game and its timeline. There are a lot of people I am grateful to for the encouragement I received to start writing. Most of the gratitude now belongs at the feet of Scott Bennie and Blyre. From Interplay, Taldren, Dynaverse.net, and now finally Starbase 23, Kadh has traveled a long way. Enjoy his story.

Gibraltar Universe Storyline

   —    Full Story posted 27th July 2004
Admiral Kadh ponders the fact that even the lowest forms of life have their uses.
   —    Full Story posted 30th August 2004
Kadh realises that expecting gratitude of certain people is a wasted effort, but teaches them the error of their ways.
   —    Final Chapter posted 3rd November 2004
Unhappy with the combined effort at Starbase Gibraltar to deal with the coming ISC threat, Captain Kadh decides to go it alone and do something useful.

Standard Star Fleet Battles Stories

   —    Full Story posted 23rd December 2004
Even the dour-faced Captain Kadh manages to give the crew of a Starfleet vessel a Christmas present, if not exactly getting in to the Christmas Spirit.
'A Show of Force'    —    Final Chapter posted 17th March 2005
A fleet from the Lyran Democratic Republic attempts to "liberate" the people of a Duchy of the Lyran Star Empire during the Andromedan Invasion of the Milky Way.
'The Cat and the Lizard'    —    Full Story posted 4th February 2005
Out in the vast unexplored areas of the galaxy, you never know who you're going to bump in to…
'The Highwayman'    —    Full Story posted 31st March 2005
Kadh2000 treats us to an adaption of a classic poem.
'This is the Hour the Old Gods Return'    —    Final Chapter posted 7th January 2006
Fifteen years after the last glorious mission of the famed Screaming Dizbuster that saw him disappear from our galaxy, a special project conducted by the Klingons for the past two decades comes to fruition and happy days might be here again.
'A Dead Klingon is the Most Dangerous of All'    —    Full Story posted 1st March 2006
An unusual act by an inexperienced Klingon proves that not everything is as it seems, even for Klingons.
'Revenant'    —    Epilogue posted 21st May 2006
An immediate sequel to "Old Gods", Kadh emerges back into his own universe, gratefully looking forward to retirement, only to be given yet another mission that "simply has to be done".
'Revenant'    —    Chapter One posted 20th February 2010
Going back to the very beginning, we get to find out more about Kadh's father Qoheleth, first captain of the Empire's first D6-class battlecruiser, as he takes the barely-completed ship out with an unfamiliar crew on a secret service agent's mission instead of the shakedown trials they were expecting…

Stand-Alone Stories

'Project B-ko'    —    Chapter Three posted 27th January 2005
All the regulars from Project A-ko are aboard to protect the Federation aboard the U.S.S. Graviton City, and panty shots are not an impossibility…
'Toccata and Fugue in T-Major'    —    Full Story posted 9th May 2005
The appearance of a time-travelling, rule-flaunting Federation starship prompts the Klingons to remind them that some rules just shouldn't be broken.