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Kieran Forester's Stories

Welcome, dear reader, to the Kieranverse!

My name is Jeremy Zschau, and I have written Trek fiction on and off since 2001, my freshman year of high school. Things have changed between then and now, my junior year in college; my writing skills and storytelling abilities have come a long way since the early days, far enough where I can actually read my own stuff and enjoy it! *grin*

As you can likely infer, my stories revolve around the adventures of my universe's title character: Starfleet officer Kieran Forester. I've been telling his story since 2001, and although the universe has changed and evolved (and my writing skills have endured their growing pains), Kieran himself has remained mostly the same. This should hopefully be the final incarnation of Kieran's universe; the evolution of my writing skills as well as the universe itself has progressed to a point where I'm finally pleased with the final product. In these stories you will read about the life and times of a complicated individual; you will become acquainted with his hopes, his dreams, his strengths and his flaws. You will meet his friends and his enemies. You will read about the times and events that have shaped the person he becomes over the years, as well as my own take on many aspects of the Star Trek universe of the late 23rd century.

While I am friends with the members of the Starbase 23 'Troika', my universe has evolved seperately from theirs over the years, and my stories unfortunately are not connected in any way (at this point in time, at least) to Andy's, Jaeih's, or La'ra's. While a future collaboration/guest appearance is not completely out of the question, for the time being, these are different universes, with different timelines, etc. My timeline is currently down for rewriting but will be back, one of these days.

I hope you enjoy reading about this character as much as I've enjoyed telling his stories over the last six years. If you enjoy these little tales or (even better) have feedback to give me, feel free to drop me an email or stop by my online home, Dynaverse.net. Any of the kind authors here on this site can provide assistance in getting in touch with me.

Enough of my rambling, already. Jetzt geht's los!

Sean Bean as Kieran Forester

Andy's Note: Kieran's stories are directly related to the Starfleet Command 1 & 2 PC games (but not 3!), and so are not included in the universe Jaeih, Larry, and I write in. They are linked to the Ships of the Star Fleet tech manuals and the novels and so are not too far out from the Troikaverse as Kadh's or zimzum's stories, so as the man says, a future convergence is not out of the question.

Short Stories and Scenes

Constitution flyby

The Motion Picture Era

A surprise piece of news from a fellow cadet shows Kieran that the besst plaid plans are still subject to the whims of fate.
Our character is formed not only through our own perception of experiences but also through the perceptions of those we look up to.
- Chapter One posted 25th May 2019
Leaders may indeed be born, but legendary starship captains more often than not are forged, one duranium link at a time — and the process is not always an untroubled one.