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Larry Stovall's Stories

Greetings, all. I'm Larry Stovall and I obsessively write Star Trek fan fiction. Below are the stories that Andy has graciously offered to host on his site; I have to say that being included is quite an honor.

Most of the tales presented here were written for the Star Fleet Command II Fan Fiction Forum. The lion's share of my stories revolve around the group of Klingons that form the command crew of the IKV Hiv'laposh. My goal with these stories has been to create the kind of 'Horatio Hornblower in space' atmosphere that The Original Series did so well, just from the other side. I also wish to present my own interpretations and insights in regards to one of sci-fi's greatest antagonist groups. Writing Klingon 'heroes' has proven to be a challenge, especially since these tales are set in the 2270's, when relations between Federation and Empire have yet to thaw. I've found accepting the challenge to be quite rewarding and I hope that any readers enjoy what they find here.

I should probably mention here that, while Jaeih's and Andy's technical theories and timelines are an amazing collection of work, the details present in my stories may differ in small ways. Jaeih has honored me by including my stories in her exhaustive timeline, but sometimes our universes don't meld perfectly even when we're writing about each other's characters. Fortunately, we all agree that creative freedom is paramount, so just label any odd discrepancy as a 'Berman Inconsistency'.

Enough rambling (for now anyway). The good stuff is listed below, though try to forgive some very rough proof-reading on the earlier tales. Andy edits 'em a bit before he puts them up. (He put 'u's in favor and honor! That's just wrong!) Enjoy!

K't'inga flyby

Andy's Note: No, putting the 'u's in is the right way to do it! *grin*

Pre-Original Series Era

   —    Final Chapter posted 14th February 2006
Lieutenant Leo Bates has to outthink a desperate criminal with hostages who's already shown he's willing to kill.

The Motion Picture Era

   —    Final Chapter posted 25th December 2003
An unpopular Klingon commander finds himself in a conflict of conscience when dealing with a traitorous superior and his criminal allies.
   —    Full Story posted 14th January 2006
Lieutenant Andrea Brown deals with the realities of sacrificing her feelings to preserve her friendships.
   —    Final Chapter posted 22nd January 2004
Answering a distress call from a Klingon mining station takes Commander La'ra and his crew into danger.
   —    Full Story posted 5th February 2004
A request for aid from a subject planet leaves the crew of the I.K.V. Hiv'laposh to come up with a typically Klingon solution for their problem.
   —    Final Chapter posted 7th March 2004
A band of 'honourable rogues' from the Tiger Heart pirate cartel finally get a ship of their own, and their first 'prize'.
   —    Final Chapter posted 15th April 2004
When an honoured Klingon war hero asks Commander La'ra for a favour, the I.K.V. Hiv'laposh and his crew must brave the defences of the Federation to recover prized personal posessions from a ruthless pirate.
   —    Final Chapter posted 18th July 2004
When Klingon High Command orders Commander La'ra to take some defecting pirates off the Romulans' hands, what should have been an easy ferry-boat mission turns into a nightmare for the crew of the Hiv'laposh.
   —    Final Chapter posted 20th September 2004
The desert-dwelling tribes of a barren planet have their lives irrevocably changed by the unexpected arrival of a new warrior.
   —    Epilogue (Final Chapter) posted 23rd December 2004
A distress call from a planet in the dangerous no-man's-land between the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan Empires leaves the crew of the U.S.S. Illustrious with a large problem to solve…
   —    Final Chapter posted 21st February 2005
A windfall of information leads the crew of the Hiv'laposh to deal with some unfinished business.
   —    Final Part posted 28th December 2005
The approach of a highly destructive ion storm poses a grave threat to the civilian shipping of Commander La'ra's sector.
   —    Final Chapter posted 12th April 2006
The seeds of intrigue sown over the past year's missions results in a tangled web of politics back at the base.
   —    Full Story posted 29th April 2006
La'ra and his crew finally get some proper time off.
   —    Epilogue posted 14th January 2007
Lieutenant Leral braves the unknown, the dangers of space, and the foolishness of a young male subordinate in her attempt to solve the mystery of the Astro-Miners.
   —    Epilogue posted 20th February 2010
Commander La'ra actively dabbles in "brinkmanship" and The Great Game and proves that lofy ideals sometimes give way to cold realities.
   —    Full Story posted 26th May 2010
A little bout of shore leave gives some much needed release to the crew of the Hiv'laposh.
   —    Full Story posted 18th August 2010
After the historic Khitomer Accords are signed, La'ra finds that old habits die hard.