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Ambassador Solev's Stories

Ambassador Solev… man, its been a long time.

I was playing Star Fleet Battles for a good ten years before Star Fleet Command. I fell in love with Hellbore cannon and Fusion beams early on, and in my local group was known as something of a Hydran expert.

Then SFC and Taldren came along, and I joined their forums to keep up to date on patches and so on, plus to find the occasional challenger. So as I've written stories pretty much all of my life, I started adding to the Fan Fic section. Solev was a patriot who felt the scars of the Klingon occupation all to well. Rather than despise the Klingons for it, he always sought some means of reconciliation. He also refused to back down.

Hydran Lord-class command cruiser.

I still play SFB, preferring it over any incarnation of the computer version, and I'm even working on bringing new players to the fold. I haven't gotten the chance to play many Hydrans lately, but Solev is still kicking. I hope you enjoy these few adventures of his.

[Andy's Note: Yay! Another "official" guest author has joined the ranks. Welcome home, Ambassador.]

The Motion Picture Era

   —    Full Story posted 2nd April 2007
Solev returns with a tale of his involvement in one of the more famous events in Hydran history.

The Lost Era

   —    Full Story posted 31st July 2005
The Ambassador brings a Mirak and a Lyran diplomat to a shattered Hydran world to discuss building peace among the three.
   —    Final Chapter posted 1st September 2005
Ambassador Solev is sent to investigate some rebellious activity in Hydraxaport.
   —    Chapter Three posted 28th October 2005
The Ambassador's ship is ambushed, is he still alive? Prisoner?