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The Andy Chronicles

By Scottish Andy


Hi all.

Since I'm having a little trouble getting moving with my new story 'Raider' I thought I'd try a few writing exercises, such as those Larry's been doing with his Star Wars Jedi apprentice. These pieces will be 100-word Drabbles, or a slice of a single scene, or a short story, or whatever I can manage at the time.

I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to let me know what you think of them — when I manage to post them.

Chronicle Two — 2245

"…so, that's how the navigational deflector beam clears space in front of a ship going at warp speed."

The boy's brow furrowed, trying to assimilate the knowledge his father was giving him. "A beam of energy shoots out in front of the ship? Even faster than the ship is going?"

"That's right, son."

"But how… how is that possible?" the befuddled six-year old asked.

"Andrew, don't confuse him. He's just learned how to say 'constellation' properly, now you're giving him 'navigational deflector'?"

Andrew Brown Sr. looked up at his wife's scolding and waggled his bushy eyebrows. "If he wants to be a Ship's Engineer like his Dad, he has to learn these things at some point."

"Andrew, he's six!"

"So, he can be my apprentice. Right, Andrew?" he asked with a wink at his son.

Andrew Jr. caught the wink and knew the lesson was over. Now it was time to tease his mother. A big grin split his face and he said, "Does that mean I get a real dynospanner?"

His mother rolled her eyes and retreated, leaving the father and son to their technobabble.