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Scottish Andy's Stories

Hello everyone and welcome to my very own fiction page. Here you will read about the more ordinary crews of the Federation, Romulans and Klingons – they do have them, you know – of whom consist the backbone of the Fleets where the Kirks and Sulus are the star performers. It's been my goal to write stories that don't rely on flashy plot gimicks or impossible feats and events, but still have them entertaining and exciting.

It'll be up to you to decide whether I've succeded or not.

Let me know what you think of them: what was good, what could have been better, and what you didn't like. I may even take requests for storylines or guest characters!

In case you are wondering where this weird point of view came from, or how I come up with my somewhat convoluted ship nomenclature, or basically why I do things the way I do, take a look at my 'Essays & Rants' section. I'll eventually answer your questions in either one way or another, but feel free to request one anyway as that'll prompt me to tidy up something I'll have already detailed for myself and post it.

But enough of my babble, and on with the show!

Constitution flyby

Pre-Original Series Era

Young Andrew gets a special visit.
Father and son bonding.
An important decision is hotly contested.
Andrew gets some much needed social advice – which also holds true for his supposed career plans.

The Original Series Era

Andrew makes his first life-or-death decision.
  —   Chapter One of the Rewrite posted 2nd June 2019
The survivors of the Jugurtha Betrayal are assigned to a new ship because of the looming war with the Klingons, but unresolved issues cause strife among the new command staff of the frigate Kusanagi.
 —   Rewrite pending.
In the weeks following the Organian Conflict, the U.S.S. Kusanagi is assigned to search battle sites and nearby star systems for survivors, but the conflict between her captain and first officer are noticed by Starfleet Command.

'A Day in the Life' Short Stories

On their way to their new home and patrol station, the Kusanagi is diverted to investigate an automated Federation outpost that went dark during the Two-Day War.
A mission takes a turn for the worse, but Andrew gets some motivation from an unexpected source.

The Motion Picture Era

A Starfleet science vessel is called in to help a recent Federation member system get the future of its power needs secured, but the crew of the Lor'tana discover a truth that alters their perception of the mission.
A Starfleet frigate crew on an anti-piracy sweep finds an unknown energy source on an uninhabited and unexplored planet on the Tholian border, and their investigation leads to horrific consequences for the crew.
An opportunity of a lifetime takes Andrew away from everyone he knows and drops him into the beginnings of several whole new adventures.
A special group of Rihannsu are assigned to a brand new ship to take on a mission never before considered, under a newly promoted commander whose fortunes have risen with a change of government.

The Lost Era

   —    Concept from 2002.
Chief Engineer Alan Key must explain to Admiral Lars why the U.S.S. Flatpack has a few bolts and hinges left over…
   —    Full Story posted 31st October 2005
A Klingon warrior comes to the end of a long and full life.
   —    Chapter Eight posted 27th February 2011
A Klingon Empire struggling to throw off the shackles of beggarhood imposed by the destruction of Praxis and a resurgent Romulan Star Empire benefiting from the Klingons' weakness begin to throw ominous shadows onto the Federation's future.
Into this arena steps a new ship and crew.

The Next Generation Era

In a time of peace and prosperity but amid vague signs of coming disharmony, a newly minted captain takes their first command on a risky first mission.