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The Andy Chronicles

By Scottish Andy


I started these little short-form scenes after having trouble getting moving with my story 'Raider'. Which I still haven't completed, though I've moved on with dozens more stories and even completed a couple.

This one is another key decision point in the life of the main character, a scene no doubt played out in many a household through recent history – though not one I was ever part of.

Chronicle Three — 2255

“Starfleet? Starfleet? You’re going into the military? Andrew, you're sixteen!

Andrew winced at the rising tone of his upset mother’s voice. “Yes, Mum. I’ve decided this is what I want to do. I want to apply to Starfleet Academy and enrole next year. I’ve given it a lot of thought, believe me.”

“Have you now? Do you really know what that’ll demand of you? Have you never heard of Klingons? Do you know just how dangerous military service can be? You may have to kill people! You could be killed out there! Why would you want to do this?”

He heard the unspoken “to me” quite clearly. “Mum, the Star Fleet is only the military in times of war! The rest of the time they’re explorers! I want to go out there and see things! I’m finally sick of just sitting in my room, playing with my computer. I’m ready to stop playing and do something with my life! I want to be useful!

Andrew was not sure if his mother heard his own unspoken, “I want to be needed,” but it was clear she was at a loss.

“Does your father know?” she demanded.

Andrew sighed. Dad was only ever “your father” when he was in trouble. Admittedly, what he was about to say would only get someone else into trouble.

“Yes, Mum, I told him. I had this same conversation with him, and he said I’d better talk to you right away, then we could ‘sit down and discuss it’.”

“You are so right we’re going to discuss this… this lunacy!

Andrew suppressed another sigh. This is going to be a struggle and a half. So much for divide and conquer.

His mother strode from the room, off to find his father. “Come on then.”

Bracing himself, he followed.