Federation Starbase 23 - Federation Stories

The Andy Chronicles

By Scottish Andy


I started these little short-form scenes after having trouble getting moving with my story 'Raider'. Which I still haven't completed, though I've moved on with dozens more stories and even completed a couple.

This one is a scene referenced in Jaeih's story 'New Worlds, New Adventures' but not expanded upon. I decided to do a character's PoV of the critical moment. I think it turned out rather well.

Chronicle Five — 2267

4th August

“All it takes is one grenade and we’re all dead, Lieutenant!”

Damnit Tharn, I know that! I curse mentally before addressing the speaker. “We’ll wait for a lull in their fire or a distraction from the other team, then make a break for it,” I yell over the sound of disruptor and phaser bolts zinging around our ears. Outlining the rest of my evac plan, I point to a female engineer and finish up, “…then you and I will come out last. Clear?”

Serious nods from all around, even as they continue to fire back at the Klingons down the corridor. The bridge crew suddenly appear from the stairwell to Deck One and I slap the Andorian on the back, yelling, “Tharn, go!

One by one my team of five jump and dive and roll away from the protection of our deathtrap position, everything happening at light-speed in slow motion.

Three of them make it before the Klingons react, and it’s only myself and the female engineer whose name I don’t know still to get clear. Tharn and his companions pour withering fire at the Klingons from their new position, but the Klingons fire back regardless.

No more time. Need to go now!

“Ensign, come on!” I yell, throat hoarse. I jump to my feet, dragging her up too and pulling her along.

“Sir!” Tharn yells in slow motion. “Wait!” The sound is attenuated, oddly flat.

Too late. Already moving. Can’t stop now.

I hit the deck and roll to my feet, slightly off-balance after jumping through the holes burned in the turbolift doors. I spread my arms to regain my balance as I start to run.

Pain explodes into my brain as a searing impact spins me around and I start to topple over.

I’m hit!

I try to reach out to cushion my fall but the pain increases, becoming ever more intense and blotting out almost every thought. My eyes find my wound, expecting to see a horrific gash bleeding freely. I’m more right than I ever knew.

My arm is no longer there.

My arm! I have no arm! Where is it?!?

I’m almost on the deck. This fall has taken minutes to complete. I look back up and the female ensign meets my eyes, her mouth opening, eyes wide and a look of pure agony on her face.

There’s a bloody, ragged hole through her stomach. I see her ribs widen, lungs inhaling one last time for a scream I never hear.